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For San Diego native and photography enthusiast Arie Eric De Jong, any art enthusiast who’s seen a good example of time-lapse photography knows how cool it can be. And any photographer knows the amount of work put into it. While it can be frustrating for photographers who aren’t used to it, time-lapse photography can be as rewarding as any photography genre out there.

To help new photographers, Arie Eric De Jong shares some important tips on the genre.

Setting up the shoot

Preparation is important in any photography genre. However, prepping for time-lapse photography is a different animal altogether. Time-lapse…

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Portraiture can be fun says Arie Eric De Jong, a San Diego-based event and portrait photographer. However, he shares that to have a fun shoot, it can sometimes be up to the lensman to bring out the best in their subjects. In this blog, he shares some techniques to help people feel and look good during a shoot.

Practice the poses

The photographer and the subject can try out various poses and do some test shots. This practice is also a great way for the individual to feel comfortable whether it’s in a studio or outdoors. Instead of just letting…

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There is no doubt that photography services are needed in events. Budding photographers who are look into working full-time providing creative services in parties must have a few tricks up their sleeves to break into the scene. San Diego-based photographer Arie Eric De Jong shares what he knows about getting a good start in event photography.

Before looking for clients, be sure to have a beefy portfolio to share. A photographer must build their portfolio with photos of friends’ birthdays, family gatherings, and others that showcase their style and touch. Share the portfolio online and never get tired of posting…

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Some photographers have switched to mirrorless cameras for the reason that these are faster and much lighter than DSLR cameras. However, many remain fans of the physically heavy and durable DSLRs as these are a little less expensive and have more common parts and accessories than mirrorless ones. San Diego-based photographer Arie Eric Jong shares some of this year’s best cameras.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has a CMOS sensor, 30.4 megapixels, 6720 x 4480 resolution, 61 points autofocus, a touchscreen display, and a burst speed of 7fps. …

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One of the many struggles of beginning photographers is successfully getting their material out in the open. Used by brands, influencers, and artists to share their work with the world,
Instagram, is a photo-sharing app and is among the best platforms to get recognized as a photographer.

According to San Diego, CA-based photographer Arie Eric De Jong, Instagram has the tendency to compress images, cutting back on quality. Sharp images may appear blurred or zoomed in when uploaded. The current maximum resolution guideline is set at 1080 x 1350px, making any photo larger than the set standard appear smaller or…

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It’s probably a dream of most people to go down into the sea and take pictures of the corals and the various life underneath. Of course, underwater photography is very different from your basic land photography. If you want to start taking photos of various ocean life, here’s what you need to know before you put on your wet suit and snorkel according Arie Eric De Jong.

First and foremost, you need to know about the shooting the environment. It’s not obvious but the water will drain the colors off your photos. Warm colors like yellow, orange, or red will…

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Arie Eric De Jong has an intense passion for photography. In fact, even during today’s global health crisis, he has never stopped taking pictures of the most interesting subjects. During his free time, he works on his series of blogs, where he shares tips, stories, and other useful information on photography in hopes of helping young photographers everywhere improve in their craft.

For today’s blog, Arie Eric De Jong writes about three important equipment pieces that photographers should never forget when going on a nature shoot. While camera gear is already a given, here are things that are often overlooked.

Arie Eric De Jong

Arie Eric De Jong is a professional photographer who also enjoys writing about the visual art form. Based in San Diego, California, he mostly works as a portra

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