Instagram talk: Here’s how to not skimp on image quality

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One of the many struggles of beginning photographers is successfully getting their material out in the open. Used by brands, influencers, and artists to share their work with the world,
Instagram, is a photo-sharing app and is among the best platforms to get recognized as a photographer.

According to San Diego, CA-based photographer Arie Eric De Jong, Instagram has the tendency to compress images, cutting back on quality. Sharp images may appear blurred or zoomed in when uploaded. The current maximum resolution guideline is set at 1080 x 1350px, making any photo larger than the set standard appear smaller or compressed. Images that are saved as .png and .bmp will automatically be converted to .jpeg, uploading the image using a lossy format.

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While there are powerful editing apps available for iOS and Android users, majority of photographers edit their work on a computer using Photoshop, and rightly so. The Adobe software giant allows photographers to compress the file size of the image without losing its sharpness and color. To get started, open the editing software, create a new art board, and calibrate it to the current maximum resolution Instagram allows.

Once the image has been created or resized, click File, then Export, followed by Save For Web. Save the image as JPEG. Upload the file on Google Drive then download it to a smartphone or any mobile device. Head to Instagram then upload the sharp, high-quality image. While there are still a few bargains when it comes to uploading high-quality photos on Instagram, this technique ensures image quality remains crisp, says Arie Eric De Jong.

Arie Eric De Jong is a professional photographer who also enjoys writing about the visual art form. Based in San Diego, California, he mostly works as a portra

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