How to get a smooth start in event photography

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There is no doubt that photography services are needed in events. Budding photographers who are look into working full-time providing creative services in parties must have a few tricks up their sleeves to break into the scene. San Diego-based photographer Arie Eric De Jong shares what he knows about getting a good start in event photography.

Before looking for clients, be sure to have a beefy portfolio to share. A photographer must build their portfolio with photos of friends’ birthdays, family gatherings, and others that showcase their style and touch. Share the portfolio online and never get tired of posting photos on social media platforms. Remember to keep shooting, keep practicing, and keep learning. While one waits for clients to ring them up, the best thing to do is to sharpen their photography skills.

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Work as an intern or partner at events photography companies. Shooting under the supervision of professional photographers is another way to network and build the portfolio. Capturing photos at local events as an independent photographer also helps one grow their network. With experience and network in the books, prepare to meet with prospective clients by creating standard contracts.

According to , an event photographer working on their own must have two cameras at most during shoots. This way, they can switch between two different cameras with varying purposes, preferably using different lenses. Extra batteries and memory cards are must-haves during event shoots, enabling one to have all the power and memory they need to capture moments.

Arie Eric De Jong is a professional photographer who also enjoys writing about the visual art form. Based in San Diego, California, he mostly works as a portra

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