Bring the best out of a portrait subject with these techniques

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Portraiture can be fun says Arie Eric De Jong, a San Diego-based event and portrait photographer. However, he shares that to have a fun shoot, it can sometimes be up to the lensman to bring out the best in their subjects. In this blog, he shares some techniques to help people feel and look good during a shoot.

Practice the poses

The photographer and the subject can try out various poses and do some test shots. This practice is also a great way for the individual to feel comfortable whether it’s in a studio or outdoors. Instead of just letting them sit or stand without any clue on what they should do, Arie Eric De Jong says that photographers should encourage their model or client to move around and explore what would make a shot good.

Show great energy

Play music. Serve coffee or snacks. Chat with the person. Show examples of good photos. Posing for portraits can be intimidating especially for the more reserved types but it will become easier if the photographer along with everyone else in the room has great energy. Arie Eric De Jong says that if the person is comfortable and confident, they’ll be able to show their best image to the camera. These people should also be given the chance to share their ideas with the photographer.

Try to take candid shots

No everyone can pose well in front of the camera. Sometimes they look best during their unguarded moments, when they’re in their element and unaware that a camera is pointed at them. This might be a good strategy when taking photos of children. Taking photos of them while they’re playing or while they’re laughing freely will make for heartwarming photos.

Arie Eric De Jong is a professional photographer who also enjoys writing about the visual art form. Based in San Diego, California, he mostly works as a portra

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